ND 24

The cover of the 24th installment in the Nancy Drew series.

The Captive Curse will be the 24th Nancy Drew game. It will take place in a castle in Germany that seems to have a frightening past.

It is foreshadowed in Shadow at the Water's Edge the 23rd Nancy Drew game, during a conversation with Savannah Woodham. When Nancy asks her what is the scariest thing she has ever seen while ghost hunting, Savannah responds with a story about a creepy German castle, which is assumed to be the castle featured in The Captive Curse.

In the teaser trailer at the end of the previous game, Shadow at the Water's Edge, the following narration is heard: "Residents of a German castle are being terrorized by a fearsome creature, and it's up to me to crack the case. Once I arrive at the castle, I begin to suspect that there may be more to this monster story than just superstition. As monster sightings become more frequent, and creepy signs begin appearing, I find myself in danger of becoming the monster's next victim. Join me as I try to solve the case, without becoming another entry in the castle's long and grisly history, in my next adventure, The Captive Curse."

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