Midnight In Salem will be the 33rd installment in the point-and-click Nancy Drew adventure game series by Her Interactive.

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The Hathorne House was the former home of Judge John Hathorne, inquisitor of the infamous Salem witch trials and the final home to 102-year-old Frances Tuttle, his last direct descendant. When Tuttle passed away, the manor became city property and the mayor must find a manager to oversee the planned tourist attraction. Judge Steven Danforth is assigned to oversee the proceedings, but on the night of October 21st local police rescue his son Jason from the burning confines of the estate’s upstairs library. Investigators discover that the library was locked from the inside, but the young child remembers nothing about entering the room. The only thing he can recall was the frightening expressions from a “vile ghostly woman” who watched him with burning eyes as she spoke from the fireplace flames. The police were quick to respond to the fire because neighbors already called them about the boy dancing in the dark street. Was the child bewitched? Acting on tips from concerned citizens, police arrest the eccentric Mei Parris and accuse her of witchcraft.  Is Mei Parris truly a witch? Or is she the victim of townsfolk who are unsettled by her unique appearance?

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  • Mei Parris: Mei Parrishas spent her life pulled between two extremes due to her physical appearance: the near-crushing protective attention lavished on her by her parents, and the unjustified fear of the local townsfolk.
  • Lauren Corey: Lauren Coreyis a calm and slightly grouchy introvert with a bookworm streak. She loves to bake, and is beloved in the local community for her winning entries into cooking contests.
  • Deirdre Shannon: High-maintenance Deirdre Shannon has spent her life hovering in Nancy’s shadow, and lives with the knowledge that she is the “girl who would have become Nancy Drew” had circumstances turned out better for her.
  • Teegan Parris: Teegan Parris is easy to like: outgoing, cheerful, extremely fashionable and professional. But when Teegan’s stressed out, she has an incredibly short fuse before her temper ignites.
  • Jenna Ravencraft: Constantly commanding the spotlight, Jenna Ravencraft runs a local paranormal tour company. It’s well-known locally that her tours are faked (or are they?) — full of rigged special effects designed to showcase spells and ghosts.

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