Hal in Secrets Can Kill Remastered


Hal's appearance in the orginal Secrets Can Kill

Hal Tanaka is a character in Nancy Drew Secrets Can Kill. He is obsessed with getting a scholarship and will do whatever it takes to get one. His ambition is to go to college and become a doctor and he is afraid if he doesn't get a scholarship, this dream will be destroyed. Hal isn't his real name, he just chose it to fit in.


"Hal is a foreign exchange student from Japan. He is trying to get a scholarship so he can go to college. He's a nerdy sort of guy who studies all the time. And Hal isn't his real name, he just chose it to fit in better."


Hal seems to be a geek to other students, but he apparently does not seem to care. He is obsessed with getting his scholarship, and he may have killed Jake to end the blackmail.

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